Make-up: A Brow-mergency!

The expression is one of the most important parts of communication on the body and your eyebrows play a huge part! The brows can make or break a look. Literally!
A clean, perfect make-up job can be completely ruined by bad brows! This is a VERY important issue ya'll! I'm doing my best to educate you girls about this brow crisis we are going through. How many times have you seen a girl with a beautiful face and brows all over the place? Wild, unkept brows that make her look untidy and lazy and you just weep at the loss of a beautiful look o(╥﹏╥)o

The first thing you want to do is think of brows as "more is more" over tweezing is a dangerous thing because of the sometimes irreversible effect it can have on your brows. Just trying cleaning stray hairs above and below the fullest part of your brows, fill in the brows to make them defined and uniform and clean them up by putting concealer around them.
Here are my favorite eyebrow products:

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