Catching Bad Juju (and how to get rid of it)

While making pizza the oven went out and wont turn on.
I was late for a test and wasn't allowed to take it. 
The bus left early and I missed a day of work. 
I broke an acrylic nail (ouchies).
I had no one to celebrate a holiday with. 

This all happened in 24 hours. 

Sometimes life gets really overwhelming, as if we caught some really bad luck and nothing is going right for us. I have these days all the time (I once considered getting "Bad Luck" tattoos on my knuckles) and I find that I pick up negative energy easily. It's like a domino effect of shit. One bad thing happens after another and it never seems to end. 
I have some techniques to get your energies back on track and feel better about your life!

Hopefully this helps you get your energies back in line and make yourself more attractive to positive energies. I hope this helps you!  

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