The Women of Sci-fi

Recently a lot of new sci-fi movies have been coming out, Oblivion starring Tom Cruise, Star Trek: Into Darkness starring Chris Pine, After Earth starring Will Smith, Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill, World War Z starring Brad Pitt, all huge soon to be blockbusters but what else do they have in common? All led by dudes. It's understood in the industry that men are the main target for science fiction movies but are they? Women have proven time and time again that they want more than the sappy, saccharine predictability of a romantic comedy. We are constantly glossed over for the brawny, ultra man who punches first and punches later, but there are amazing female characters in science fiction. Some are all brain, some more tough, others sexy, but they represent the varied view of women and the credibility of being a kick ass woman in a frightening, often foreign, threatening world.

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